Sunday 20th December 2020


The series began in 1999 and this is the 22nd anniversary edition of The Best Of British & Irish Country annual collection featuring some of the most successful tracks from 2020 from British and Irish acts.

This collection includes no less than 11 Hotdisc number 1s from the 18 tracks featuring Jubillee, Hurricane Highway, Peter Donegan, Dave Sheriff, Larissa Tormey, Mags, Clive John, Arlene, Malcolm MacWatt, Michael McMillan, Rob Allen and many more.


1 Jubillee – Don’t Make Me Look Into Your Eyes

2 Arlene with Marty Kristian – Bring The Curtain Down

3 Peter Donegan – Thank You Texas

4 Hurricane Highway – Plain Beautiful

5 Mags – Light Of A Clear Blue Morning

6 Malcolm MacWatt – Raining Down In Nashville

7 Rob Allen – When I Get To Heaven

8 Larissa Tormey & Dave Sheriff – Breath Of Fresh Air

9 Michael McMillan – Wait For Me

10 Ruby Rendall – Quittin’ Time

11 Jubillee – Bed Of Lies

12 Graham Clark – I Don’t Know How She Did It

13 Biddy Ronelle & David Luke – Let The Music Play

14 Dave Sheriff – Play The Cards That I’m Dealt With

15 Hurricane Highway – Heart Condition

16 Arlene – All Fall Down

17 Wills & The Willing – Iceberg

18 Clive John – A Brand New Beginning

Note that the online version has 12 more bonus tracks and is available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Play, Google Play etc. Buy the online version here.