Hotdisc launched in 1999 and is the leading promotional company for country music in Europe. Our Hotdisc Top 20 Television Programme was on Sky Television for several years as well as on FreeView on the Country Music Entertainment TV Channel, and is set for a return soon.

The Hotdisc Top 40 chart is compiled from DJs and industry professionals’ ratings of songs currently being promoted on Hotdisc’s Promotional CD. They are not airplay charts, as airplay charts cannot work in Europe because of the lack of 24 hour country stations.

The hundreds of country programmes on air which we service are likely to play a particular song only a limited amount of times in a short period, therefore rendering airplay charts insignificant.

Our latest Hotdisc on release in Europe now.

The Hotdisc charts are put together weekly using ratings supplied by DJs who give scores to every song on Hotdisc. The totals are averaged out per week to give an accurate guide to the songs which are being championed by the industry.

The aim is to showcase the tracks which the industry professionals are flagging up as quality songs. This is very useful as it is free of politics, hype and rigging and done solely on merit! DJs don’t care if a song is on a small label or backed by a huge company. If it is good enough they will play it!


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