Sunday 21st June 2020


Stuart Cameron has been a DJ, promoter, TV Presenter and Producer, singer and songwriter for many years, and musically has a very eclectic taste, hence the name of the album, which features a mix of his own material and cover versions. Nearly all of them came out under different names as the music was so different. In the music business record labels love nothing more than to pigeon hole an act and try and groom them in a certain direction. That didn’t suit Stuart so his alter egos were trotted out for different recording projects – from country to rock, from pop to reggae, and all points in between. But after many years under different guises, Stuart decided to bring all the music together in one collection under his own name, and put it out in a 24 track collection.

There’s certainly something for everyone here, and featured heavily musically on the album are Dave Buswell and Tony May, two musicians and recording engineers from England who have stamped their own mark onto the collection. Tony is one of the greatest guitar players in the business bar none. He’s an unsung hero who should have been a major star, while Dave was key in teaching Stuart the art of production in the early days.

The album was recorded over a 30 year period and is Stuart’s musical anthology.



1 Baby I Don’t Care

2 Hillbilly Rock

3 One Man Woman

4 Dolly Parton’s Hits (With Tony May)

5 My Life

6 Invisible Lines

7 It’s You

8 Rock It Megamix (With Tony May)

9 Shanghai

10 Let’s Go All The Way

11 Rock U Down

12 I Love To Boogie

13 Rock On

14 Do What You Do Do Well

15 I Was Sure We Could Have Made It

16 Yellow Rose (with Nikki Ryan)

17 How Did You Change Your Mind

18 Roch Lomond

19 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

20 Waltz Across Texas

21 Beside You (Theme from the film “What Dreams May Come”)

22 Her Name Is …

23 Classified

24 I Love To Boogie (Slow Blues Version)